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Linking doctors for efficient, simplified communication.

Link the Docs is a voice messaging phone app designed to increase the ease, frequency and quality of communication between physicians, both within clinical and hospital settings, and across locations anywhere. Link the Docs presents four major advantages over phone calls between physicians:

Timeliness, Security, Easy Group Distribution 
and Message Integrity.

Here’s a few astounding FACTS about the effects of old technology, leading to poor communication within the medical industry

In lost productivity & increased patient discharge times due to poor communication and old technology.

– According to a Ponemon Institute survey of 577
health care professionals.

How many billions could be saved?

Each year, there’s an estimated $5.1 billion in lost productivity in U.S. hospitals; $3.2 billion is wasted due to inefficient patient discharge processes. That brings the total to $8.3 billion annually that the 
hospital systems are absorbing due to communications from the technological dark ages.

Are you wasting time & productivity?

A Ponemon Institute survey of 577 health care professionals, shows that clinicians waste an average of 46 minutes per day waiting for patient information. The main reasons: reliance on inefficient pagers, no Wi-Fi access, deficient e-mail and bans on use of personally owned devices. That adds up to a productivity loss of $900,000 per year for the typical hospital.

How much time could be saved?

An estimated 37 minutes of the average discharge time of 102 minutes is spent waiting for hospital staff to respond with 
information necessary for the patient's release. This is mostly due to Hospitals continuing to rely on clunky communication systems as part of the patient discharge process. This lengthy discharge process costs the U.S. hospital industry $3.2 billion annually in lost revenue.

How does patient care suffer with ineffective communication?

Lack of timely and effective doctor-to-doctor communication is a topic that plagues every board level discussion within hospital systems. Research conducted from 1995-2005 has demonstrated that ineffective team communication is the root cause for nearly 66 percent of all medical errors. When healthcare team members do not communicate effectively, patient care often suffers.

How Many Lives Could be Saved?

Lack of timely, effective communication is also a source of significant morbidity and mortality. Communication failures are a large contributor to adverse clinical events and outcomes. In a retrospective review of 14,000 in-hospital deaths, communication errors were found to be the lead cause, twice as frequent as errors due to inadequate clinical skills. About 50% of all adverse events detected in a study of primary care physicians were associated with communication difficulties.”

Link The Docs was created by Luke Nordquist, MD FACP (Medical Oncology) because he sees an incredible need for simplifying the healthcare industry’s communication dilemma.

Is the solution in your hands?

Link the Docs addresses timeliness and message integrity by providing a physician the ability to disseminate detailed, specific messages directly to another physician or group of physicians through readily accessible asynchronous communication right from a Smartphone. Our product is very specifically designed to provide a seamless communication channel between doctors. A phone application mitigates two major risks of adoption – accessibility and familiarity.

Link the Docs is a password-protected application that uses a secure cloud service backend safeguarding the data to comply with HIPAA.